Black Womxn Are Essential

The impact of COVID-19 has been racialized and gendered.

As the pandemic continues to devastate our communities, Black Feminist Future knew it would be important to document this moment. As witnessed in the past, when natural occurrences compounded by government inaction and negligence strike our communities (ex: Hurricane Katrina), the experiences and voices of Black women, girls, queer and trans people are often erased and forgotten especially during the “recovery phase.” When recovery plans are created, they are race neutral or lack a gender analysis. Meaning that they are developed to meet the needs of white communities. Black Womxn Are Essential intends to shift this approach. Through a collection of data, observation, and shared understanding gives BFF the opportunity to move in a more impactful manner to serve.


We use the x in womxn to be expansive of the many genders who have the lived experience of being a Black womxn or girl. From Black trans womxn, femmes, studs, gender non-conforming people, nonbinary people, cis womxn, and beyond, the x represents the many who are confronting and living in the constraints of the gender binary.

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