BWAE: COVID-19 Innovation Lab

COVID required everyone to pivot. As we reimagine our path forward, we wanted to make sure that we were clocking the racial and gender impact. Our COVID-19 Innovation Lab is but one of three main components that aids in the required work and observation to assess how to move forward. Black feminisms is broad and diverse. We have very different schools of thought. The focus of this lab is for us to arrive at one shared idea of Black feminisms.

What we all know to be true?  

  • Black women, femmes, and girls are inherently valuable
  • Race and gender are systemic
  • There will be more questions than answers – we’re okay with that!

BWAE: National Survey

Black Feminist Future partnered with SocInsights to conduct a first of its kind national survey of Black women, girls, femmes, and queer and trans people in order to learn about their lived experiences of COVID-19. Our National Survey served as a wider instrument of capturing economic, embodied, and social impacts of COVID-19 for Black womxn and gender expansive folk. This survey focused on capturing four key categories of information: 

  • Demographic information on the specific identities of your person, including age, gender identity, industry of work, health conditions, etc.
  • The specific impacts of COVID-19 to your person and community
  • Your individual and community access to resources 
  • Innovations, both individual and communal responses to impacts of COVID-19

BWAE: Organizational Check-Ins

Our Organizational Check-ins consist of routine conversations with representatives from local and national Black feminist organizations responding to the needs and experiences of Black women and gender expansive folk in these times. This is in an effort to capture as well as uplift the labor and commitment put forth by these organizations. For their analysis of COVID-19’s impact on our communities, and the nuances and shifts to their work they have been creating in response to this moment is greatly valued. on has expired.