Some of Us Are Brave: A Black Feminist Organizing School for Organizers

Some Of Us Are Brave(SOUAB), the flagship organizing school of Black Feminist Future, teaches and trains Black organizers and activists in key concepts, terminology, ideologies, and skills in Black feminist theory and practice.

Some of Us Are Brave: A Black Feminist Organizing School for Organizers

Some of Us Are Brave Organizing School (SOUAB) is an organizing school designed to cultivate the leadership and organizing capabilities of Black feminists. The school’s objective is to harness the transformative power of Black feminist principles to address the systemic inequalities faced by Black women, girls, and gender-expansive people. SOUAB is a critical platform for participants to deepen their understanding of Black feminisms, develop strategic organizing skills, and forge solidarity among activists committed to social change.

The SOUAB organizing school was inspired by the legacy of Black feminist activism and intellectual thought. It particularly draws its name from the groundbreaking anthology “All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men, But Some of Us Are Brave,” which highlighted Black women’s experiences at the intersection of race and gender oppression.

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Black Feminist Future (BFF) is a member-centered organization and our members help inform our work, campaigns, and initiatives. At BFF, we’re centering leadership development, community care, and joy in order to build the political and social power that we need to win concrete changes in our lives, community, and beyond.

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